SPEXA -Space Business Expo-
24-26 April 2024
Tokyo Big Sight, Japan


The global business center hub​

SPEXA or the Space business expo is Japan’s exhibition specialized in space business. It is poised to become the global business center hub that brings together companies and professionals in the space industry and various sectors. Launching for the first time, this space exhibition will connect users with companies and organizations specializing in space solutions such as outer space utilization, satellite data utilization, infrastructure, development and manufacturing, and other space-related services.

Showcase your brand and connect the space industry with mainstream sectors​

SPEXA is the platform to demonstrate space technology, the latest techniques, and opportunities for growth in the space industry. Whether you're looking for potential clients seeking space service suppliers or aiming to network with space hardware manufacturers, SPEXA brings all groups together in one place to address the different needs of the industry.​

Showcase your products​

Meet key decision-makers and potential buyers and promote your offerings in the rapidly growing space-related business​

Networking opportunities​

Engage in networking events that will facilitate more diverse connections with government agencies, research institutions, and other companies involved in the space business​

Cross-industry collaborations​

Get a 360° view of the space market as you connect with participants from non-space industries, serving as a catalyst for future business leaps and contributing to the development of your company​


Educate the market about the value, capture future market share, and increase your company's branding and awareness by participating in the allocated conference slots for exhibiting companies​

Who should exhibit?​

SPEXA invites space startups, private space companies, space service suppliers, and businesses offering space-related services. Let us be your partner in showcasing your company's capabilities in the space industry. We are here to help promote your brand and connect you to organizations in search of your innovations.​

Development and Infrastructure Support

Design, Development, and
Manufacturing Support

  • Rocket/ Satellite Development
  • Payload Equipment Development
  • HAPS Development
  • Ground Facility Development
  • Material, Component, and Processing Technology
  • Design and Development Tools, CAD Systems
  • Electronic Devices, Sensors, Semiconductors
  • Optical Sensors, Microwave Sensors
  • Inspection and Measurement Equipment
  • Various Manufacturing Equipment
  • Satellite Communication Equipment
  • 3D Printers
  • Fuel Development

Satellite Data and Space Utilization Area

Satellite Data and Space Utilization

  • Earth Observation Systems
  • Satellite Image Services
  • Location Information Services
  • Demonstration Experiments
  • Signal Authentication
  • Transportation and Last-Mile Delivery Services
  • Satellite Data Processing and Analysis
  • Optical Communication Technology
  • AI/Artificial Intelligence


Services Area

Other Space-Related Services

  • Satellite Control and Operation Support
  • Mission Operation Support
  • GSaaS (Ground Station as a Service) Related Services
  • Debris Removal and Debris Mitigation
  • Launch Services
  • Spaceports (Launch Sites)
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Space Food
  • Corporate Attraction


Hear from our confirmed exhibitors​

The universe is a treasure trove of resources for the ongoing development of humanity. As companies worldwide focus on the​ opportunities it presents, collaboration across various industries is​ essential for participation. We look forward to SPEXA serving as the starting point for a new era of space ventures originating from​ Japan.

Inter-satellite Optical Communication Network Service

Congratulations on SPEXA's inaugural exhibition! They say the beginning is crucial in everything. Let's proceed together to achieve the best performance and discover numerous business opportunities. The universe is getting closer (^_^)

Space Burial

The rapidly growing space industry is witnessing an increasing number of players both domestically and internationally.​ With the inaugural event of SPEXA, we anticipate it to be a​ catalyst for further development.

Orbit Services

Founded in 2008, Axel Space has embraced the vision of 'Space within Your Reach—Bringing Space to Ordinary Places.' We look forward to meeting everyone at the inaugural SPEXA next year, and together, we anticipate contributing to the realization of 'Space within Your Reach' and the infrastructure development of space.

Satellite Manufacturer

Congratulations on SPEXA's debut event! With participants from the rapidly expanding global space industry, we hope it becomes a platform for generating synergies towards further evolution.​ We are excited to join in and contribute to the excitement!

Satellite Data Utilization

To explore the harsh environment of space, the active involvement​ of robots harnessing our technology is indispensable. We look​ forward to meeting partners who share the challenge with us. We​ hope SPEXA accelerates space ventures, becoming a stage where various industries thrive in space.

Moon Rover

Demonstrate your brand's capabilities on and off the planet​

Explore opportunities and collaborations with high-level executives, officers, and teams in search for space technology that they can implement into their strategies, product development, or supply chain visibility and management.​