SPEXA -Space Business Expo-
24-26 April 2024
Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

welcome to SPEXA

Bridging space and other industries for limitless possibilities

April 24-26, 2024
Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

Welcome to SPEXA​

SPEXA or the Space Business Expo is poised to become the global business center hub that brings together companies and professionals in the space industry and various sectors. Launching for the first time, this space exhibition will connect users with companies and organizations specializing in space solutions such as outer space utilization, satellite data utilization, infrastructure, development and manufacturing, and other space-related services. 

Bridging space and other industries for limitless possibilities 

SPEXA aims to unite companies, government officials, researchers, and visitors in the space industry and other related sectors.
It will serve as a platform to showcase solutions beyond our imagination, showing the limitless possibilities the space industry offers.​

What You Can Do at SPEXA​

Discover innovations​

Explore 100+ solutions in the areas of satellite design, earth observation, space exploration, and other space-related innovations and technological advancements in the field that can revolutionize space and other industries​.

Networking opportunities​

Establish fruitful partnerships with private space companies and other sectors that rely on the space industry​.

Business matching​

Our own team of professionals will tailor 1:1 meetings that connect visitors and exhibitors​

Cross-industry collaborations​

Serves as a platform that connects the space industry to other space-related sectors all in one event/space.


Attend the 3-day main conference and get insights about the latest advancements in space from top leaders demonstrating excellence in the space industry.

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